Golden Pearls, 500-800 micron

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Golden Pearls are a popular reef food, but have grown greatly in popularity over the years.  And now freshwater keepers are discovering this popular food as well.

A popular replacement for live foods for the home aquarium, marine and tropical commercial breeders as well as corals.  Manufactured to trap tiny air pockets within the granules to maintain buoyancy within the water column to mimic live plankton moving in the current. 

We have Golden Pearls in popular sizes.

The 500-800 micron size makes a great replacement food for live feeds. Approximately the same size as newly hatched napuli or brine shrimp. This size is excellent for larger fry that would normally be fed hatched BBS. It will stay buoyant and attract fry to feed..  A good choice for larger fry, such as angelfish as well as a step up in particle size for a variety of fry, including discus, ram and Tetras. Also good for reef systems and can trigger fish that would normally feed on plankton.

Ingredients:  Marine fish, krill, fish roe, soy lecithin, yeast autolysate, micro algae, fish gelatin, squid meal, hydrogenated vegetable fat, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants

Analysis: Protein 55% min, Lipids 15% max, Ash 12%, Moisture 8%, Vitamin C 2,550ppm, Vitamin E 425ppm, EPA 10 mg/g, DHA 12 mg/g