Killifish Color Feast

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Killifish Color Feast is a finely ground granule that is packed full of nutrition.  With a low temperature drying process all the heat sensitive nutrients remain viable.  Water stable with beneficial bacteria to aide in digestion.  This color enhancing formula helps to bring out colors with all natural sources of astaxanthin, spirulina and kelp.

500+ micron granules are too big the filter through a 500 micron screen, but are still fairly small pieces.  This size is good for juveniles and adults

Ingredients:  Fish hydrolysate, fresh frozen zooplankton, fresh frozen mysis shrimp, fresh frozen krill pacifica, yeast, soy, egg, casein, gluten, spirulina, garlic, rockweed, physpholipids, marine fish oil, paracoccus, stabilized Vitamin C, carrophyll, vitamin and mineral premix, beneficial bacteria

Analysis:  Crude Protein 52% min, Crude Lipid 9% min, Fiber 2% max, Moisture 9.5% max, Vitamin C 2,000 ppm, Astaxanthin 400 ppm

Made in small batches to ensure freshness

Killifish Color Feast