About Us

In 2012 we started Everything Aquatic to provide a place for everyone to share their experiences to to learn from each other.  This site was developed out of frustration with the then existing websites claiming to be an expert, yet were simply repeating something read on the internet and not responding out of experience or first-hand knowledge.  We strongly believe that experience is the true teacher; and through experience we will become better keepers of aquatic life.  We will forever be expanding the resource library as more knowledge is gained as well as to ensure that our information does not become outdated.

It naturally followed that our next step would be to add a forum.  We purchased vBulletin in 2013 and have been fine-tuning it to meet our membership needs.  If it weren't for the varied experiences of our members our site would not be as complete as it is in such a short time.  In 2014 we upgraded to the latest version of vBulletin (5.x) however it brought with it multiple bugs. 

Out of frustration we decided to temporarily shut down the forum. All information collected in the forum has been saved. Once we have the time we will upgrade the forum and make it again available.

In an effort to continue to expand and grow this website, we took the plunge into starting an online store in early 2014.  Over the years we have been continuing to expand the products offered.  Through customer feedback we have been focusing on acquiring pure fish medications and developing medicated foods.  This product line may never be complete, however, we will continue to expand as more knowledge is gained through our research as well as through customer requests for specific products.

In 2020 many changes were experienced. Thanks to new COVID19 regulations, I had to lay off all staff and was not approved for having employees at my current location. Then, had a stressful period of not knowing if I could continue or if I had to shut my doors. As this is my only form of income I am very grateful I was able to continue on my own! But, that also meant during busier times that the orders took a little longer to get out the door.

I am so very grateful to everyone for their support and understanding during the year of everything going wrong. It has been stressful to say the least! Through all the support and recommendations my business outgrew my location and I began searching for a new place to set up shop. Finally found a place in Shady Cove, Oregon and moved the end of July.

With the move I am again able to have employees and have been training for the past couple of months :)

Then, before the dust could even settle at the new location we were again set back due to a forced evacuation from multiple wildfires in the area early September. Now, the end of September, I am happy to say that all orders are caught up. And, with any luck, the new employees will be able to help avoid delays.

Thank you for dropping by.  We appreciate your patronage as well as your feedback.

The Everything Aquatic Administration Team