API Phosphate Test Kit Freshwater and Saltwater


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API Phosphate Test Kit measures phosphate levels up to 10 PPM in both freshwater and saltwater. Knowing phosphate levels is critical in a planted tank as too little leads to algae and plants can suffer from deficiency.

Many often complain that these kits are not accurate. It is our experience that it is best to calibrate the kit as improper storage or excessive heat can cause the kit to return unexpected levels.

Further, it is our experience that only low phosphates create an issue. There are many who claim that high phosphates cause algae. This simply is not true! Our tanks have measured 10+ PPM yet algae was not growing in our high tech aquarium. It is an imbalance of fertilizers, lighting and CO2 supplementation that leads to algae growth, not having high phosphates.

Kit contains everything needed for 150 tests