API General & Carbonate Hardness Test Kit Freshwater


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Get two different tests in a single hardness kit! This one kit will test both General Hardness and Carbonate Hardness. Both tests are important to know in a planted aquarium.

Plants will break apart the hardness bonds to meet their nutrient needs and attempt to avoid deficiencies. General Hardness measures calcium and magnesium, critical minerals for healthy plants. Carbonate Hardness measures the level of carbonates, also known as alkalinity. When plants break down the carbonate molecule it is to obtain needed carbon for growth. This often occurs in tanks with no CO2 supplementation.

Another reason to monitor the hardness levels in the freshwater aquarium is to ensure the aquarium holds enough buffers in the water to stabilize pH. When the water is deficient in buffers pH can bounce around and affect the health of the inhabitants.

Both hardness tests measure the hardness in degrees per drop of solution. Count the number of drops needed for the required color change. Each drop equals one german degree or 17.9 PPM.