API Ammonia Test Kit Freshwater and Saltwater


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Fast, accurate and test kit contains two reagents, glass test tube, color chart and clear instructions. Each kit contains enough solution to run 130 ammonia tests; and can measure up to 8 PPM ammonia.

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Ammonia monitoring is the first line of defense against exposing inhabitants to unnecessary nitrogen waste as well as monitoring the ability of the biological filter to process this waste. As with any natural process imbalances can occur.

Testing for the presence of toxic ammonia is essential as the tests can alert you to an issue before the inhabitants are negatively affected. When there is measurable levels of ammonia there is potential to damage delicate gills and lead to reduction in respiration. If exposed to high levels inhabitants can quickly succumb; even low levels of ammonia can cause stress as well as suppressing the immune system which could lead to disease.

The API Ammonia Test Kit can measure ammonia in both freshwater and saltwater. Make sure to use the appropriate color chart.