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Fenbendazole Micro Granule


This food is amazing. I used to have dropsy problem with my goldfish for a really long long time, ever since I started to raise them years back. I have tried almost all possible medications in the past (both antibiotics and anti parasite agents) but NONE of them worked. All of them are for bathing of the fish. I also tried to make my own medicated fish food but it did not work well either. Around one month ago, I started to notice three of my goldfish showed different degree of signs of dropsy and I was so upset. Luckily, I got some free fenbendazole granule samples from a local fish reseller right before I noticed the sign of dropsy. So i just gave it a shot. I isolated all the three fish and feed them nothing but the micro granule. Luckily they still have appetite for food and after three days of feeding, I noticed the symptoms are almost gone. I continued for another 4 days and they are completely healed. What a miracle. Now, I am on the follow-up treatment of the whole tank since around 3 weeks has past. The fishes look good and active. Thank you Everything Aquatic.
Date Added: 03/09/2020 by Wenbo Zhi