Anti-Parasite Quad Flake

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Anti-Parasite Quad is now available with our Gourmet Cichlid Flakes for those who prefer flake over pellet. Praziquantel is an effective deworming medication that targets a wide variety of internal parasites, such as liver flukes, schistosoma (parasites of the blood), flatworm, tapeworm and turbellarian worms. Levamisole is an old school medication that treats a narrow range of parasites, but has the added benefit of boosting the immune system to help the fish fight off the disease. Fish will often appear more active after ingesting enough medication due to this boost. Levamisole treats a range of worms, but is not effective against flukes, flatworm or tapeworm, making it the perfect companion with praziquantel. We have also added Epsom Salt to help clear the gut more effectively and garlic to improve the taste as well as to provide antibiotic properties to help combat secondary infections. Active ingredients are levamisole, praziquantel, epsom salt and garlic with our Gourmet Cichlid Flakes Directions: Offer as the only food source for 10-14 days. At least twice a week do a deep gravel vac to left out any excreted parasites or their eggs before hatching. If gravel vacs are not thorough it is possible the parasites will attack again in a few weeks. Therefore it is highly recommended to repeat treatment in 3 weeks as this can break the parasite life cycle.