Paracide Flake

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Paracide Flake is being discontinued.  Alternate products to consider are Fenbendazole Flake or Levamisole Flake.

Paracide Flake contains Paracide-X, one of the best deworming medications on the market. It will eradicate all types of intestinal worms, including tapeworm, camallanus worm, as well as nematodes and intestinal flagellates. Also acts as a laxative to help expel parasites.

Treatment: Offer as the only food source for 4-5 days. If treating camallanus worm, repeat in 3 weeks to ensure no undetected eggs exist to bring back another round of the worms. Wash hands immediately after touching product. NOTE: Paracide-X is toxic to fry and very young fish. Use with caution around them.