Premium Beefheart Tropical Flake

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Premium Beefheart Tropical Flake is a high quality meat based flake, making it the perfect staple food for carnivores and omivores.  Beefheart has been long recognized for its ability to help blues and greens develop similar to how astaxanthin improves reds and oranges; improving overall coloration of aquatic species.

Guaranteed Analysis: Protein 48%; Lipids 10%; Ash 8%; Moisture 7%; Vitamin C 2,000 ppm; Astaxanthin 600 ppm

Ingredients: Fish hydrolisates, soy, yeast, krill, beefheart, egg, wheat flour, wheat gluten, casein, garlic, spirulina, decapsulated artemia, Astaxanthin, High HUFA algae, phospholipids, Carophyll, stabilized Vitamin C, vitamins and minerals