Flake Value Pack

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Flake Value Pack comes with 4 popular flakes. Use them individually or make your custom mix. Each comes in its own bag, and included:

Beefheart Flake
Bloodworm Flake
California Blackworm Flake
Veggie Flake

Portions are 1 bag of each flake type:

2 ounce Value Pack is 0.5 ounce of each flake
4 ounce Value Pack is 1 ounce of each flake
8 ounce Value Pack is 2 ounce of each flake
2 pound Value Pack is 8 ounce of each flake
4 pound Value Pack is 1 pound of each flake
12 pound Value Pack is 3 pounds of each flake

NOTE: Photo will be updated to include the new addition, Spirulina Flake soon