Color Growth Flake

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Color Growth Flake is a blend of our Tropical Color Flake and our Premium Spirulina Flake. We have taken our color enhancing flakes and added extra spirulina to further boost color while providing a balanced diet for growth of juvenile fish. It contains natural colorants that enhance coloring without the addition of unnecessary chemical additives. Our flakes are packed full of natural carotene sources with added axtaxanthin. Carotenes are naturally found in krill, artemia, plankton, Mysis Shrimp and spirulina. Easily digestible fish protein packed full of carotenes and spirulina combined to provide a balanced diet. Our balanced Color Growth Flake provides essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals for growth and overall health. It also is the perfect choice for a community flake to help brighten the coloring of all inhabitants!

Fish protein hydrolysate, yeast protein, soy protein, spirulina, kelp, egg, gluten, artemia, plankton, casein, Mysis Shrimp, krill, wheat gluten, fish oil, milk protein, Astaxanthin, lecitin, Vitamin C, mineral and vitamin premix.

Protein 42%
Lipid 12%
Ash 5%
Moisture 6%
Vitamin C 1,000 ppm
Astaxanthin 600 ppm plus natural carotenes

Contains no artificial coloring or chemical preservatives.