Nitrofuracin Green

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Nitrofuracin Green is a blend of Nitrofurazone, Sulfathiazole Sodium, Methylene Blue and Sodium Chloride.  This combination is an excellent general treatment.  Perfect to use as a preventative with new arrivals while in quarantine.  And can be used to prevent ammonia burns while in the shipping bags when fish are properly conditioned for shipment.

Nitrofuracin Green is a wide spectrum product that can treat anti-microbial, anti-protozoa, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ailments.  Helps to heal open wounds and ammonia burn.  Widely used to treat shipping water too.


Disease:  1/4 teaspoon per 20 gallons, dosed daily after a 25% water change.  Continue treatment for 10-14 days.

Preparing Shipping Water:  Add just a few grains to dechlorinated/tank water.  You want the water to be a light green color.

Pond dosing:  50 grams per 800 gallons.  Dosed weekly for 2 weeks.