Paraiba Angelfish

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Paraiba Angelfish are stunning with their unique coloring.  One onf the Philippine Blue phenotypes, the Paraiba will have a primarily white coloring overall with metallic blue patches over the body as well as in the finage.

Genetically Paraiba requires paired Philippine Blue genes as well as paired Stripeless genes (S/S pb/pb).

Sizing angelfish is as follows:

  • Pea - pea to predime body size
  • Small - dime to nickel body size
  • Medium - quarter to half dollar body size
  • PreBreeder - half dollar to dollar body size
  • Adult - dollar and larger body size

NOTE:  For Live Arrival Guarantee, the following shipping method must be used:
Pea Size:  Overnight delivery.  I tried shipping them with 2-day delivery and there simply were far too many deaths.
Small to PreBreeder Size:  3-day or faster delivery method
Adult or Breeder Size:  2-day or faster delivery method (with Overnight being the best option)
You will receive a credit on any losses so long as a photo showing the DOAs both in the shipping bags and out within 2-hours of the first delivery attempt.