Orange Koi Angels

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Our Orange Koi Angels will continue to develop color throughout their lifespan, however, the greatest change occurs prior to reaching maturity.  They will develop a deep orange/gold coloration with black marbling typical of any Koi Angelfish line. 

Sizing angelfish is as follows:

  • Pea - pea to predime body size
  • Small - dime to nickel body size
  • Medium - quarter to half dollar body size
  • PreBreeder - half dollar to dollar body size
  • Adult - dollar and larger body size

NOTE:  For Live Arrival Guarantee, the following shipping method must be used:
Pea Size:  Overnight delivery.  I tried shipping them with 2-day delivery and there simply were far too many deaths.
Small to PreBreeder Size:  3-day or faster delivery method
Adult or Breeder Size:  2-day or faster delivery method (with Overnight being the best option)
You will receive a credit on any losses so long as a photo showing the DOAs both in the shipping bags and out within 2-hours of the first delivery attempt.


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