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Metronidazole Powder Shortage and Delayed by Hurricane

The Metronidazole Powder shipment was held up by the hurricane on the east coast. It was originally scheduled to arrive today, but looks like it just left New Jersey. So, for now I am completely out of Metronidazole. At this point I have even used up what was saved for use in medicated foods. This is just adding insult to injury as they were experiencing a shortage and could only ship 1/4 of my order!

I have contacted another company to see what they had in stock and if they would price match my current price. They did have it in stock, but were still about 25% higher in cost. I have ordered from them and am trying to avoid a price hike on Metronidazole. It is expected to arrive in about a week. Fingers crossed!

Chloroquine Phosphate Delays

The last bag of Chloroquine was unfortunately lost (temporarily) after the move. All customers were sent an email who had orders with Chloroquine. Each was given a choice to wait out the backorder or to cancel.

Those who requested cancelation have received a refund.

Those who were willing to wait or who never responded have been again contacted that their order will ship by Saturday, August 13, 2020 as I finally found that bag today.

Chloroquine Phosphate Held by FDA

I tried to place an order for Chloroquine Phosphate today, but was informed that the FDA is continuing to hold all containers and have not released them as yet. Their concern surrounds the fact that people were self-medicating due to statements made that it cured COVID-19; and a couple of individuals ended up losing their lives.

While the FDA is re-evaluating releasing Chloroquine Phosphate for ornamental fish treatments, I am working to attain Quinine. This is the product Chloroquine is derived from and has been approved for many decades for ornamental fish use. And, it originally was replaced with the derivative as quinine had stopped working due to a resistance buildup. Hopefully reintroducing it we will see an effective treatment once again.

We Are Moving!

Starting on Thursday, July 23, 2020, we will be closed to pack up and move to a new location. And hope to be shipping again by Monday, July 27, 2020.

Orders placed during this time frame will be shipped after the move has been completed. I will try to follow up on email, Facebook, BAND, etc and answer questions as time allows. Please be patient as the focus will be on the physical move. And I will not have internet temporarily while moving equipment.

Unexpected Delivery Delays

Many areas across the US are experiencing civil unrest, which is causing unexpected delivery delays in many locations. Please be prepared for possible delays when ordering at this time.

Also, some of our products are running very low or are out of stock. This is due to inbound deliveries being delayed. As soon as the product arrives the inventory will be updated.

Medicated Pellets

If you need a medicated pellet in a different size than shown on our website, please make a comment and let us know which size pellet you would prefer. We can substitute any pellet we have in stock for the same price. All you have to do is ask!

Golden Pearls

Golden Pearls are gaining in popularity in the freshwater world, yet has been a staple food for many reef systems. Manufactured to trap air within the granules to help them stay buoyant in the water column to mimic plankton moving in the water current.

Now available in 3 popular sizes:

  • 100 - 200 microns is the right size for reefs as well as betta or ram fry as it is about the size of a small rotifer
  • 200 - 300 microns replaces mysis shrimp feeds and great for varied reef systems and hard to feed freshwater fry
  • 300 - 500 micron replaces artemia, which average 400 microns, and make a great first food for angelfish fry and a staple food for most livebearers

Killifish Color Micro Feast

The newest development in micro granules Killifish Color Micro Feast is a 300-500 micron food that is packed full of nutrients and natural color enhancing ingredients. Mysis and krill shrimp provide astaxanthin to brighten orange and red tones as well as spirulina and kelp to help with the blue and green colors. Perfect size for fry, juveniles and young adults.

Killifish Color Feast

Killifish Color Feast is a slightly larger size than the Killifish Color Micro Feast. These granules are too big to filter through a 500 micron screen, but offer the same high nutrition and color enhancing agents. This size is great for juveniles and adults.

Cichlid Pellets in 7.5mm

You asked for it! Larger cichlid pellets. Now have 7.5mm Cichlid Pellets to meet the needs of those with sizeable cichlids that appreciate a larger pellet. And these new pellets can be used for medicated foods as well. If you need a medicated food in this new, larger sized pellet, just make a comment on your order and I'll take it from there.

Worm Mini Sticks Value Pack

Worm Mini Sticks Value Pack will save 15% off the individual pricing.

Give your aquarium pets a variety to help them stay strong and healthy, while providing foods based on their favorite foods, worms.

Receive equal amounts of the following in this value pack:

  • Bloodworm Mini Sticks
  • California Blackworm Mini Sticks
  • Earthworm Mini Sticks
  • Silkworm Mini Sticks
  • Tubifex Mini Sticks

Color Mini Sticks

Color Mini Sticks are a great addition to the staple food offerings to add variety to the diet as well as improve coloring.

Natural astaxanthin from krill and plankton sources improve reds and oranges; and spirulina helps to bring out greens and blues.

Beefheart Mini Sticks

Beefheart Mini Sticks are a premium meat based pellet that is now available in a smaller size.

Beefheart has been long recognized for its ability to help blues and greens develop similar to how astaxanthin improves reds and oranges; improving overall coloration of aquatic species.

Very Veggie Sticks

Very Veggie Sticks are a high quality pellet that is extruded into a stick shape. Loaded full of veggies, such as broccoli, sweet potato, spinach, carrot, and more! Packed full of nutrition from the wide variety of highly nutritious vegetables.

California Blackworm Flake

California Blackworm Flake
is a premium, high protein flake perfect for species needing high protein foods balanced with vitamins.

COVID Delays

Effective March 26, all carriers have indicated that there will be delays in deliveries due to a reduced number of flights and due to limited truck cargo space. None of the carrier will guarantee delivery schedules until further notice. For updates, please refer to the carrier websites. Thank you for your understanding as we navigate what our new normal will become.

Product Review Drawing

Have you tried any of our products lately? If so, please share your experience by submitting a product review. Each submitted review will earn one entry into our monthly drawing for a $20 coupon.

Thank you for shopping at Everything Aquatic!